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LJ Action! Monday, November 17, 2003 & 10:54 a.m. ::

I finally got my hands on a livejournal. With all my friendlies on that I can now talk to peeps and such... even though I could before... Hm... I am excited is all. oh! And a link might be good. here!


Michiko's World Friday, November 14, 2003 & 09:22 p.m. ::

OK. Tonight was so... eventful. I have to say it all started on Monday when the surf was high and Michiko felt like going surfing. [Note: The waves were about 10 feet high.] She did and came back with multiple cuts on her foot. She cleaned it off and hoped that nature would take its course; except it didn't.

We ended up having Nate (a professional surfer) check it out. He was freaking out at how bad it looked. [Note: She toe was swelled and she had a red mark running up her foot; not good.] From there we went to his Mom's to have her check it out. (I think she has some medical training.) She then told us that it was probably best to go to the emergency room. Michiko called her insurance agent to see if they would pay. It was approved and we were on our way.

So many people think of a hospital as a very white, very clean place. I, for some reason, didn't feel that way. After signing Michiko in we had the long wait ahead of us. It wasn't too bad in the waiting area. Jaimie (our dormmate and Nate's girlfriend) and Nate went to go eat as we waited. It didn't take long till we were accepted to go into the Emergency Room.

All around us were people in their beds being checked and prodded over. I have to admit that I am not a hospital person. I hate needles and such cutting things make me squeamish. Michiko was led to a gurney and there we waited for a while. The came the idea of taking a picture. We asked a nurse to see if it was all right. She allowed us to take picture as long it was away from all the patients. Two pictures were taken and then we had to wait for a room after the nurse checked out her foot. To say the least, it looked pretty bad. The infected toe was puffy and red, and the cut was a blister full of pus. Suffice to say it looked painful and from what Michiko said about it, it was painful. Jaimie came by as we were waiting and asked if Michiko was going to have her to cut. (To get rid of all the bad stuff.) We said it wasn't going to happen yet and all we had been doing was waiting there for a while. Jaimie then said she was going back outside to go make-out with Nate.

Anyway, we finally got moved into a room where Michiko had some blood taken by a cool nurse guy. He gave us a few laughs and for some odd reason we began to get the giggles. This went on the whole time we were in the room. (The room that had the door labeled gynecology... I dunno. I thought that was a bit strange.) So, after the blood was taken they were about to lance her toe, but the nurse was stopped and they decided to give her her antibiotic medication. One by pills the other by IV. The pill was quick and easy, but the IV was something that would take almost ten minutes to accomplish.

We had a medic put in change to give Michiko the IV. (Just to note that he was so FINE. Thank you.) He tried her hand, but actually went through the vein. Then he went to the other arm and tried again, but still no luck. Instead of having one more go he decided to get a nurse to do it. We began to feel bad for him since during the whole time we were giggling. The nurse came in and did it in a minute flat. She seemed to think that it was our fault he couldn't do it... oh well. Jaimie had come back before the nurse had come in asking if Michiko's toe had been sliced. It hadn't and then she contemplated on taking hospital materials. *sigh* She didn't but she still seemed to want to take them...Michiko was soon set up and the IV was dripping. Jaimie left to go see Nate once again.

After that fiasco we had to wait for the doctor to come and cut the toe. It didn't take too long, but Michiko was getting tired and she was getting cold. The doctor came in and in a few minutes cut her toe and took a culture test of it. The she asked Michiko if she had Tetanus shot. I had to explain what the shot was and she said that she didn't remember taking it. (She travels so she has had many shots before.) She then says that she'll take it again.

So now we have to wait again for the shot and to have her IV run out. It's a bit longer and by now we are sick and tired of sitting in the gynecology room. Michiko then says she's cold. So I go over and feel her and it's like ice. There is no heating in Hawaii and the place was a bit cool. Plus, all she had on were shorts and a sweater vest. It had to be cold for her. So an idea popped in my head that she could use her hospital gown as a blanket so I draped it over her. But only a few minutes later, the nurse with the tetanus shot came in and she had to take off a sleeve and the gown-blanket. After this all they had to do was dress the wound and take the IV out of her arm. It took a while for this to happen too.

The nurse that came in to dress her foot was the same one form earlier who had first checked out the toe. She dressed it while talking to us about how she surfs and is only a beginner. She warned us that if we saw her that we should watch out for our heads cause she may run into them.^^ Anyway, the wound was dressed and we were ready to go... except the IV was still stuck in her arm. So we had to wait for release forms and for the nurse to take the needle out. We got to talk to a nice couple who was waiting for a room. The girl had said that the guy she was with got sick also on Monday while surfing. She was glad she hadn't gone that day.

Last pictures were taken and we left the hospital looking for Jaimie and Nate. Nate's truck wasn't were Jaimie had said it would be so we contemplated on calling around for another ride when we say the truck parked across the street in the parking lot. It started to rain and we made a run for the truck only to find the two were making out in the back seat. We switched spots and were on our way back to the dorms at around 11:00.

It was quite and eventful evening.


SeeDs Sunday, November 9, 2003 & 03:58 p.m. ::

I got my box in the mail with the pumpkin seeds. They b good. Along with some chocolate, which I will be saving for later. I am also sad to say that I forgot Hayate's birthday. *gasp* Blasphemy? Mebbe. I feel bad, but then again I remember it's a character. Not a real person. Albeit, one of my favorite characters and such, but still... Anyway, happy b-day to Hayate! Yay!

I have no motivation for my paper. I will do it. Just not now. Maybe I'll just not do it and fail. I fail at life. No motivation or gumption. *sigh* I'll write sommore of the damn stories... *sigh*


~Friends & Family~ Saturday, November 8, 2003 & 02:53 p.m. ::

I just wanted to thank Jill and Greg for agreeing on beta-ing my stories. I love bith of you guys, you know that right? Right now I am going to revise most of Rendering into something coherent and such. I'll try to beta that one on my own, but it seems a bit hard. I'll try.

My head is feeling a bit stuffy, so I'm going to write a little. Then mebbe I'll finish a bit more before I start on my papers. Too much work to do.

Mom, I love you, but how could you not tell the phone was in the box before you sent it out? I am now getting an empty box in the mail. Yay. *sigh* Hope I get the pumpkin seeds before I get the box.


... salad days Friday, November 7, 2003 & 09:53 p.m. ::

While eating my few hour old salad, I have come to notice the simple things in life. SEX, for example, has become such a mediocre thing. It's not held sacred anymore. Hell, if twelve years olds are writing about people getting it one in all the right details, you gotta know something is up.

Now, I not saying we have no morals left. Heck no! I am just saying our (yes we as a human race) standards have dropped so low that it doesn't matter if 11 year old can get pregnant or some other nasty occurrance of a kid running off with their teacher who is aware that they are infact about 40 years older than the kid the are abducting. It's sad, no? (OK, I lie. It DOES matter when this happens. This whole thing is the pepper talking, not me.)

Why did I write this small rant? Ask the salad.


Quirks and such Friday, November 7, 2003 & 04:11 p.m. ::

"It was a messed up war."

Yes my infamous quote that summed up the long bitter battle of the Seven Years War. Why do I bring this up, you ask? Well, simply because I was in History class yesterday and we had to go over this war in three different groups. Each covering an article in a packet Bitter (our prof) said for us to never do. (He copied from three different books and didn't put titles, authors, etc. on each thing. He said it was an example for what we shouldn't do.) Anyway, I was in the group stuck with the broadest topic. What happened before, during and after the 7YW. For one thing, it took me about ten minutes to figure out why these countries were all of a sudden breaking old alliances and making new ones. In the end, it ticked me off. I thought the war was totally pointless and based a bit off of paranoia. Then one woman in our group asked me (and Steph, whom I was talking to) what we thought about. I then said, "Well, basically it was a messed up war." They had a good laugh. Hehe. Soon we had to tell the rest of the class about our findings. Then Steph said before anyone else in our group said anything, "It was a messed up war."

Class laughed. It was funny.

Then Bitter said something like "Ok... but I was looking for something a little more specific... Like why it was messed up."

That was my highlight of yesterday. I am a history buff. I thought it was funny.


Rendering Drabble Thursday, November 6, 2003 & 11:34 a.m. ::

I have finally placed a drabble out for Rendering. It came to me about ten minutes ago. Here. Now off to Nihongo!


Merry November and a Happy .... Thanksgiving Monday, November 3, 2003 & 10:29 p.m. ::

Yesh! I brought Christmas a bit early this year. Why? Cause I figured out today that I only have 7 more weeks here than winter times for me. I am a happy clam.

Kat, you'd better come back next semester!! These freshmen-like peoples kinda make me woozy. The drink to much and their fumes are getting to me. ^^ I kid. Anyway, all will be well. Just come here to Kauanoe, you know you want to.

I began another new story... I know, but it popped into my head and I couldn't get it out. It's original if thats any counsolation, but I digress... I figured I'll never finish anything so there. Bwhahaha!

^^ I'm glad to see Lyn is back. Hope those losers out there don't bother you again!! They're not worth being unhappy over.

I rest now with my friend Frederick the Great; whom haunts me in my sleep and my days.


Hallow's Eve Come & Gone Sunday, November 2, 2003 & 10:29 a.m. ::

Well, things have been somewhat going well. Other than freaking out over the two midterms and paper I hade to do for History. Everything went pretty well. I will explain:

[1] The internet now works in my room. And other than the fact I'm on it every waking hours of the day on aim now,I'm quite the happy clam when it comes to not getting anything else done. I can now talk to friends and family members and this'll definitely help my once in a while bouts of loliness I've been having. *sigh* That, and I love the cow sound you can put on the message thing.

[2] I now have some kick'n music to listen to thanks to the wonderful rotation websites out there. I love you guys so much.

[3] My Halloween wasn't a total bust. I had some nice conversations and such. A candied apple that lasted me two hours, until i could have no more and such. To say the least, I didn't dress up, but I so plan on doing it next year when I'm (hopfully) at home.

[4] Let's just say that Biology 101 has now become my worst class. I'll leave it at that.

[5] Happy Belated Birthday to my Mum. Hope you enjoy you're Indiana Jones Dvds! ^^

[6] Finding Nemo is adorable. I finally saw it last night with Michiko, Renee, Sarah and Serena. Thanks for inviting me!!

[7] I can't read about Frederick the Great anymore. I seriously can't. I know I have to read one more 50 page passage for Tuesday, but I just don't think my mind will let me after the 100 something pages I had to read for that paper.

[8] Soaps are addictive; the men are so attractive... they're probably all gay...

[9] Marvin Gaye makes me smile.

[10] Jack black is contagious.


Delete... and now Tuesday, October 21, 2003 & 11:17 a.m. ::

Okie, if some of you have noticed my blog is missing a couple of new entries, why? Because the man screwed it up. ^^ All right, I lied, but it sounded good. I saved my long Cubs spiel on my regular comp, so I can do that some other time, mebbe.

I must now say that I have a writing impediment. I can't type so any errors after this is very excusable. I lie. I am just a lazy bum who makes exuses. For a gift I bring you a snippet of my 10 pagers of a Freyr fic. Enjoy.

When he came down to what the Gods called Midgard; he was surprised to see advances the inhabitants of this world had accomplished. They were just as, if not so more busy than those of their ancestors. It was actually quite odd for the people who used to be so observant of the Gods to become somewhat oblivious to their actions around them. The change of night into day and henceforth, the coming and going of the seasons, and also just the ways and miracles that worked the normal world.

As the god of fertility and plenty, Freyr had been one of the most popular of the gods of the Midgard people along with those from Asgard who greatly respected him. Worship was more of something to describe their devotion to him. Yet of all this devotion he was empty. His sister had gone to the land of Midgard, leaving him alone with only Odin, his father Njord, and some of the other gods that just seemed to do their job, for instance Odin's son Tyr, wasn't one he could just chat with. Tyr was known for being a deity of very few words.

His sister Freya, Thor, Heimdal, and yes, even Loki were really the only interesting beings he could talk to and even get along with. Most of all, he missed his sister. He knew the crush she had on Loki was one that would get her into trouble in the end. She believed she was in love… but he knew it was not what she thought the feeling was, even if it was from her heart. Chasing him down to Midgard was something he expected in the back of his mind, but he had always tried to deny the action that his sister was bound to take. The only thing stopping him from bringing her back was Odin's stubborn conscience.

It took a good few weeks before the god gave in and allowed him to go to earth. His lasting point was to take some sort of revenge on Loki; it was Odin's weakness at the moment and a perfect way to get what he wanted.


     ...End here